Thursday, September 23, 2010

Locks of Love

I believe that God brings people into your life at the EXACT moment you need them. Whether it is to teach you a lesson, to inspire you, hold you accountable, or teach THEM a lesson; it's on God's time and He knows what He's doing! I'm learning that a personal relationship is not necessary in order to be inspired or even challenge one's perspective. A genuine, heart felt blog is all that's required.

And Cora Paige.

I can't remember who linked me with Jess Mac. I just happened upon her blog one day, and three hours and two tissue boxes later, found myself hugging the necks of my children super tight and sending prayers to a family I've never met. Through the past few months, I find myself in awe of Jess' faith. I don't think she realizes the impact she has on so many people, but speaking for myself ... she holds me accountable on a daily basis.

She is surviving. After experiencing my worst nightmare, she wakes up every morning and lives every moment for God. Why should I wallow in my "problems" when they don't even hold a candle to what she has been through ... and yet she is able to let God's light shine through her. She suffers, but she does so with hope knowing that there is MORE. She does so with faith knowing that she is fulfilling a greater purpose. Her words challenge me. Her story inspires me.

You can begin reading her story here ... but you'll want more. And there is more. You'll need more. She just has that ability to pull you in ... or perhaps it's GOD pulling you in through her. Either way, grab some tissues and let me introduce you to Jess and Cora Mac ...

Because of this incredible story, I felt the need to contribute something ... I remember waiting for both of my daughter's hair to grow enough to put their first clippie in, just as Jess did. I used to rub their soft fuzzy duckling heads from my chin to cheek and breathe in their baby shampoo. At the same time, Ryan's grandmother was losing her hair during her battle with breast cancer. We used to put her wigs on Kitty's bald baby head and laugh and laugh. In honor of lil' Cora Paige, Rita "Meme" Barrows and Georgina "Gigi" Tallman (Ryan's grandmother and sister who lost their battles to cancer last year) ... I'm growing my hair for Locks of Love. It's the least I can do.

Well, and continue to pray for the Mac family, as I hope you all will too. Jess Mac, if you happen to read this, please know that God is using you in amazing ways. God Bless You.

And Thank You for sharing a lil' bit of Cora's life with us all.


Kelli said...

Wow. What a story. You are so right...reading the blogs of others who have such heart wrenching stories is quite humbling and makes us so much more appreciative of the lives we lead.

Perri had her hair cut for Locks of Love in 3rd grade. :) I was very proud of her for being so giving. I think it's a great way to do something in honor of those whose stories have touched us so deeply.

Michael said...

Please understand that locks of love is NOT whom you think they are. They do NOT help folks with cancer and in fact use very little of the hair that they receive. MOST of the hair is sold. Please go to pantenes beautiful lengths and consider giving your hair to them. They DO help provide wigs to people with cancer. That is a KNOW fact and if you go to their web site you will NOT see them talking about cancer folks